Friday, October 21

Let's hear it for moderates! (and more)

+ Piece on NPR this morning about the fracture of the conservative coalition. I'm not crazy about many of President Bush's choices. And I'm not crazy about most of Evangelical politics. But I have a lot more in common with them than the hardcore conservatives who are now abandoning the president because he's not hardcore enough. I'm thinking this is better for all of us who want something more moderate. Now if the liberals could just get their act together and actually make the upcoming elections competitive, we might get better political results around here.

+ I was thinking again this morning about what a big deal the Iraq Constitution charter is. Let's not underestimate it...

+ MeFi's having a fundraiser for Creative Commons (via Matt). The first one to get to 500$ committed has shut up for a week. Most interesting thing to me: one's user number is 17809 and the other's is higher. Whatever happened to the good old timers? This one (user number 242) migrated to different circles with more signal (v. noise), that take less of a time commitment.

+ How could I resist the Which Sci-Fi/Fantasy character are you quiz? Answer, I couldn't. But first I got Princess Leia. That seems a little high and mighty. Second try and I got Babylon 5's Delenn. Don't know anything about her. What is it with the chicks? Sheesh.

I look at the list of other characters and... there are a lot. And only 2 people have scored Delenn. So I'm unique. But I'd still rather be Aragorn, or Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Harry Pottern (5 yo twins' pronunciation), or even Wesley Crusher ;-)

I expect Jaq, Kathy, and Macon to take this test, at least (please).
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