Monday, October 17


+ Really, extra good news: Looks like Iraqis are going to approve their charter. This is a great achievement and milestone.

+ *Sean thinks about the Minnesota Vikings and puts a bag over his head.*

I'm going to see them play the Panthers in two weeks. I was going to wear my Vikings tshirt for loyalty and literally take a bag to put over my head. Now I'm leaning toward just wearing a Panthers shirt...

+ The word of the day:

Aberrant comes from Latin aberro, aberrare, "to wander off, to lose one's way," from ab, "away from" + erro, errare, "to wander."

Hmm. The Latin root for 'error' means 'to wander'. Interesting.

+ It will be a sign of gross injustice in the sports world if the White Sox win a World Series before the Cubs do.

+ Great scott! I made ZenPundit's recommended reading list! And I told him not to do anything rash...
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