Friday, October 14

Star Wars: Clone Wars (and more)

+ Saw in the Sunday paper that Circuit City had Star Wars: Clone Wars vol 1 for 10$. I'd been looking to rent it for awhile, so - cha-ching - decided to go ahead and buy it. And if it was a loss-leader, that didn't work. I looked around, bought it, and left.

Well, we have to be careful about what Wil watches or reads at night because he gets so excited he can't calm down and sleep. So we told him he could watch it sometime this weekend. However, since the girls were going to Brownies last night, I told him we could start it.

He loved it. I liked it pretty well. Less talking (insert stock bad-Lucas-dialogue comment here). More fighting (in that anime style). Pretty good. Have those of you who like Star Wars seen it yet? What did you think?

+ Gingrich Says Run for President Possible. Please don't let us have to endure this...

+ InsideGoogle links a humorous look at what Google's homepage could look like in 2084 .

+ Paraphrase: Gates urges lawmakers to help him make more money.

+ Matthew's got a funny post about the new Death Cab for Cutie song, Soul Meets Body.

+ File under: totally unnecessary use of money:
Yahoo Strikes Deal With Stanford, but basically a donor has ensured all Stanford students will get free unlimited music downloads and Yahoo will be getting paid for it.
+ The word of the day is sinecure, meaning a no-working job (I'm paraphrasing ;-). The most interesting thing about it, as usual, is the etymology. It literally means 'without cure (of souls)' in Latin, like you find in 'curate'. Refers to those positions in the church where someone didn't actually have a parish or didn't go. Remember your history about absentee priests?