Monday, October 3

Monday, Monday

+ Well, I drank the David Allen, Getting Things Done kool-aid this weekend. Skimmed most of the book saturday night (when Wil was not falling asleep). Lots of good stuff ('A billion people can't be wrong.'). I've got the labels going in my Gmail and had my inbox down to zero last night. 2 sitting in there this morning. I'll keep you posted on how this all goes.

My biggest objection is way GTD could easily 'trap' me into doing things because I can, no because I should. I need to drop low-priority stuff. I need to say 'no' plenty. I need to simplify and let fewer things in.

Still, I'm feeling pretty optimistic and pretty empowered this morning. Really felt that way yesterday and, in fact, did everything on my 'tudu' list yesterday, plus some.

+ LOVING this cooler weather!

+ Enjoying the new van quite a bit, too. It's got a better sound system than out last 3 cars put together, so that's fun. Hope we can afford it... ;-)

That's all for now.

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