Saturday, December 1

That was the best Christmas album ever! (again)

I know, I used this title for my Sufjan Stevens Christmas collection paean last year, but it's still true.

Who knew we were waiting for Christmas songs with a lot more banjo?! (Well, maybe Guam Brad...)

Now, admittedly, I'm not a huge Christmas music fan, and I don't allow listening until after Thanksgiving, but I haven't even gotten to my previous fave yet. Yes, it's true. A Charlie Brown Christmas has been supplanted.

One more great thing about Sufjan: he sings the standards, including songs about Santa, and he's sincere. He also sings songs about bad Christmas happenings, and that's good, too. He's the only one who sings songs about Santa that I actually like!

Reading last year's post, it's pretty good. Go check it out if you're interested at all.

You can listen to some of these songs on Hype Machine ...

(I now have 2 Brad B's on my blogroll. So we'll make them Guam Brad (above) and Detroit Brad. DB, what do you think of Sufjan?)

Run, don't walk, to get this album if you don't already have it.!


Brad B. said...

Detroit Brad? Hmm... maybe I'll go with that. We'll see.

I've only heard one song, but you've got me intrigued about Sufjan. I'm surprised I haven't heard of him. I used to DJ and have worked for some good local bands. ANYWAY, I'll certainly check out his Christmas CD.

Expect a post soon aimed at my Detroit friends about his Michigan CD and thank you for emailing me about him!

Marshall Benbow said...

I'm not sure I would pay $ for his Christmas album, but I am glad that a friend of mine showed me whereI could download it for free a year or so ago.

Brad B. said...

Hopefully that was an authorized copy you downloaded! ;)

Sean Meade said...

BB: looking forward to that review!

MB: de gustibus non est disputandum ;-)

Brad B. said...

I learned some Latin today!