Saturday, December 1

Ok, now I can watch some other channels

I was a little discouraged about my tv reception, and I was thinking of giving up. I don't watch that much tv anyway, right?

But I was looking at reviews at and saw the link to the Consumer Electronics Association's guide to antennas, You can plug in your address and it'll tell you what direction to point your antenna by degrees of the compass and what kind of antenna you need. Great. And they link to Radio Shack as a participating provider, so I went to Radio Shack.

They put me on to this really pretty small (about the height of a cereal box, but not as wide) indoor/outdoor antenna. I figured I'd take it home and try it and if it didn't work I'd take it back and try something bigger.

Well, it's working pretty well. I went from 1 HD channel to 5 (not counting piddly local weather and a couple extra SC PBS stations). I'm getting ABC (regular broadcast) now, which I couldn't get before (watching OU-Mizzou right now). The only HD channel I'm not getting that I want is ABC.

So, tomorrow I'm going to get some longer coaxial cable and try this sucker outside. But if I don't get ABC in HD, I'm going to stick with this antenna, because, after all, there's literally nothing I watch on ABC (including no NFL) and I'm very satisfied, on balance.

Good end to a pretty good Saturday.


Brad B. said...

Do you normally use satellite for TV reception? I'm just wondering if you're using this to augment what's normally coming into your house or if you're skipping the cable/sat thing all together and saving yourself some big $$ by pulling in free OTA signals. Either way, it's a smart move. If my TV had an HD tuner, I'd do the same.

Brad B. said...

oops, reading your posts in reverse. Cable status noted. ;)

Jim said...

If you got cable, think of all those educational channels the kids could get... :-)

Actually, if I had it to do over again I would seriously consider axeing the cable.