Monday, December 10

NFL rundown

How much do you think about what your readers will think when you write your weblog posts, or think about writing them?

For example, Madhu is serious about telling me to 'go update interact!' with some frequency. But I don't think Madhu is a big NFL fan. Oh well. Here goes. It's what I've got on my mind:

+ Peter King is making me blush! He keeps writing about how much he likes the Vikings. He's got them ranked #7 in the league ! That's third in the NFC, behind Dallas and Green Bay. Whoa there, big fella!

Then check out this quote:

i. Adrian Peterson rushed 14 times for three yards at San Francisco, and the Vikes won by 20 points. Yes, the tide is turning for the Vikes all right.

j. I'm no ratings maven, but I'll bet a dime that a Dallas-New England or Green Bay-New England Super Bowl would draw the biggest audience in American television history.

k. Why do I think the Vikings might have something to say about that?

Yikes, Peter! Just don't put 'em on the cover, ok?!

+ You know I'm a bandwagon Patriots fan. I enjoyed watching them dismember Pittsburgh (another team I like) after a second year DB guaranteed a victory. Pretty stupid to give the already dominant Patriots bulletin board material. It's clear to me (and I think everyone else) that that Pats are going for the undefeated season.

And I think when Brady got in Smith's face after their first touchdown, it was probably more to fire up his team than because he was really mad at Smith. After the game, Brady's words were very conciliatory.

+ It's also ironic that the Dolphins, owners of the only undefeated season are staring a season without a win in the face.

+ Peter King also says you shouldn't spend big money on a coach or a running back because there are good values out there at lower numbers. Hard to disagree. Once again: it's Moneyball for the NFL. Look for value. Don't bet.

+ Check out this Super Bowl dream from Don Banks:

I know what I expect to see in Glendale, Ariz., eight weeks from now: The greatest matchup of winning machines in Super Bowl history. That would be a New England team that enters 18-0 in its quest for perfection, against a Dallas squad that's 17-1, with its only loss in Week 6 to those very same Patriots. Two teams with a combined 35-1 record, and a .972 winning percentage.

How much fun would that be? They hype alone would be historic. Brady vs. Romo. Owens vs. Moss. Armageddon, indeed.

It could happen. And what would the line on that game be? Pats by 14?

+ Yes, I subscribed to SI's news feed. Should have done a long time ago.

That's enough for tonight.

Update: Ok, I take it back: one more:

This is a cool exercise by Don Banks: Knowing what we know now, how the draft would go today.

I'm outta here.


Jay@Soob said...

Pats have got what, Jets, Dolphins and Giants left? On paper the Giants present the only "obstacle" to 16-0. Of course the tenacity of the hopeless shouldn't be ignored...

"a second year DB guaranteed a victory."

Sports "guarantees" should be confined to boxers and Babe Ruth.

M said...

You're right. I don't really get football. I think I would, but they keep stopping the clock!

deichmans said...

Yeah, just you watch: Dolphins over Pats in the "Upset of the Millennium"! :-) Oh, wouldn't that be sweet irony?

Bottom line: the Pats are charmed, and the best games of the season are going to be AFC and NFC championship games.

And if the Pats beat the Colts in the AFC Championship to hit 17-0, SB XLII will indeed be the most-watched in history.

Sean Meade said...

soob: and the Giants might be resting their starters

M: ;-)

do you at least like soccer, then?

Shane: i'll be the last person to say the Fins couldn't beat the Pats. anything can happen.

i need to broaden you statements a little. the championships could be the best games. really, anything could happen before then. we could even end up with Vikings-Giants in the NFC title game!

further, i think there are more scenarios for most watched SB ever including the Patriots at 17-0 v. just about anybody, especially the Cowboys, 'America's Team' (gag), a clash of past and present titanic franchises.

gee. i'm starting to sound like Dick Enberg ;-)