Thursday, December 20

The Dark Knight

Heard the new Batman trailer was awesome...


Still not crazy about Bale's performance as Batman (reminder: loved him as Bruce Wayne).

Ledger looks amazing as the Joker. Seems to touch properly on Nicholson's portrayal (very good for what it was).

Nice new Batcycle. Kept the old Batmobile, which I liked and like the choice; sometimes a little continuity in these superhero movies, even in such small things is nice.

Mild reservations about 'The Dark Knight' not being on a straight-up Frank Miller story, but I can get past that.

Maggie Gyllenhal as Rachel: How will she compare to Katie Holmes (who I think is 100% better looking, acting ability and choice of husband not withstanding ;-)

Might be one of those where we have to attend the premiere.


Jay@Soob said...

Wow. I'm blown over by Heath Ledger as the Joker. From what I saw he's excellent. I googled the cast before watching the trailer and assumed Gary Oldman would play the part what with his talent for playing the mildly insane (5th Element, The Professional.)

Sean Meade said...

and don't forget Sirius Black!

Soob, don't you remember Oldman as Gordon from Batman Begins?