Monday, December 17

Prince Dan Huckabee, Overpaid

+ The Prince Caspian trailer looks good (I saw this somewhere, but I forget where. If it was sorry, sorry for the no-link!).

+ I like this post from Dan: here's the beginning and the almost-end:

The greatest change every to befall earth is not climate, or glaciation, or any of that: it is the rising-up of a artificial genome-plex...

What Jurassic fruits taste the sweetest? Which plants eaten by the triceratops would make good raw material for ethanol? I think we'll live to have a good idea of the answer to these questions.


Dan tdaxp said...

Cool 300-style battle masks.. sweet!

(Now just to get the rotten taste of those Golden Compass ads out of my mouth, so I can enjoy fantasy again...)

Jim said...

After 3 kids going to orthodontists...I agree...It is not really complicated work...not that I'm going to try it on my own, but still.
Ours ran an assembly line to maximize his patient load. Ten grand out of my pocket...after insurance "benefits"!

Sean Meade said...

Dan: my problem: i think the GC ads look kind of cool, but i know the content is totally perfidious.

Jim: i'm going to try to get by with as little orthodonture for my kids as possible. i never had any (though Christine had a lot).

Kathy said...

So lame that I haven't been reading in awhile, 9 day long power outages notwithstanding:(, but is it my imagination or does Lucy have a slight Bethyesque (not sure how to spell that) look about her?

Sean Meade said...

1. lame is right! ;-)
2. i don't see a resemblance to Bethy, do you, C?