Saturday, August 1

More mp3 music geekery

And you thought my media makeover was geeky.

1. Imported the soundtrack for Civilization IV (including Beyond the Sword) into my music library. Includes many classic pieces from history and some new to me stuff I really love, including Baba Yetu (original to Civ IV) and The People are the Heroes Now (low level volume as uploaded, so you might have to crank the volume) (lyrics) from Nixon Goes to China.

2. Went through my entire collection, which with the Civ additions and some others I found hiding is now 2836 songs and picked 963 (!) (and one at a time!) for my exercise playlist to go on my Zen. If you're remotely interested, I uploaded the entire list. Listened to it for the first time this morning on my bike ride and it was so awesome! To give you a feel, Hard Day's Night was the least awesome song I heard on random (of those 963) this morning ;-)
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