Tuesday, August 4

Best morning ever!

Woke up at 6, very tired. I have not been getting enough sleep. But good news right away: another pound down on the scale after a pound and a half yesterday. So I get a day off from strictly counting calories.

Did not want to ride my bike, especially up St Andrews. But I went anyway.

And it was hard. Did not feel strong heading into the hill. But then 'The Final Countdown' came on my exercise playlist on random and that inspired me a little :-)

Good thing, because my bike didn't gear down to first correctly. Took a long time and almost killed me. Pretty sure it was my worst performance ever on that hill.

But, I survived, didn't have to stop, and, as always, was glad I had exercised. (It feels so good when it's over, you know, like banging your head against the wall ;-)

Almost out of milk, so needed to run out for that anyway. Though 'I'll celebrate my weight loss and my day off with a Chick-fil-a biscuit and a Wendy's Frostycino.'

Got to Chick-fil-a and they've got free breakfast for the first hundred customers this week. Bingo!

Yes, it was a great morning, but work is coming ;-)
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