Monday, August 3

Cheap and lazy man's exercise 'rings'

I've been wanting to add pullups to my workouts. Being unable to do any is just not acceptable. But the only decent place I had to do them was the swingset in the backyard and I simply didn't make it back there very often. I've been wanting to mount a pullup bar somewhere in the house or garage. Our garage is drywalled, though, including the ceiling, so nothing jumped out at me there. And I didn't really want to spend money on a pull up bar, either (or, rather, Christine didn't want me to ;-).

Then I started thinking about the attic access in our hallway. And those straps I used to use for strapping a cartop carrier to the roof...

Definite potential. Straps connected to joists in the attic and just about even. Now where am I going to get rings?

They're like 50$ to buy. Or you can make your own by heating and bending PVC, but that's a little too much work...

Hold on. Simple handles will do the trick. Cut a spare length of steel pipe in half...


Available any time, throw 'em up in the attic when we have decent people over ;-)

I'm not in a huge hurry to make progress on this. Working on the weight loss first. And pull ups at 170 are going to be way easier than at 209.

I have to start with 'negative' pull ups: jump up, ease down and start training the muscles that way. Still sore from doing it on Saturday.

Over all, pretty fired up about my ingenuity. And I know Walter 'CrossFit' Stokes will be proud :-)

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