Tuesday, August 25

Cool caffeine, colleges, Cubs (and Heisman)

Stuff I've been saving up for you:

+ I found this Lifehacker article on how to stay cool while sleeping absolutely fascinating! I have actually been misting myself more this this summer to cool down, including when I workout.

+ Here's a fun infographic charting caffeine v. calories, listing lots of familiar products like mochas and cokes and Big Macs (the latter for reference). (via)

+ U.S. News & World Report's college and university rankings are out again. Some important ones:

Clemson (20th public, 61st overall)
U of Iowa (29th public, 71st overall)
U of S Carolina (55th public, 110th overall)

The State
The Press-Citizen

+ McCoy, Tebow, Bradford in Unique Heisman Race

+ Ricketts Family to Buy Cubs for $845 Million
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