Saturday, August 29

8/29 weight loss thoughts: The boring edition

Weight loss is often boring. I hate boring. Sometimes I don't want to brush my teeth because those two minutes are so boring. I think the boring-ness of weight loss has probably been part of the reason I've failed in the past.

Here's one example of boringness: I have lost .58 pounds a week since August 1st. And this last week I only lost .45 pounds. That is boring.

I know, there are things that can be done to spice up weight loss and, frankly, I probably need to do them.

But, to make it a little more positive, my average loss in the last two weeks has been .97 pounds.

I know, I keep trying to de-emphasize weight loss. And I honestly don't want to focus my happiness on a three digit number. And it could be worse: I could be at 210, or 211.5, my peak this month (after my day off in Charlotte), or even worse. So I should count it as a good month's work, right?

You know, it's funny. A couple days ago I said I need to revisit my calorie control and the 'Weight Down' approach, but I honestly haven't done it. That's strange. Do I just think eating right is going to magically happen? It hasn't for a long time...

A few more positive things:
  • I'm still doing really well with my exercise.
  • My inlaws are in town, so we're eating more extravagantly than normal. But, I saved half of my lunch and half of my supper for later.
  • I kept my August contract for weight loss
  • August is almost over and I have the opportunity to tweak my program for the September contract.
So, yeah, I'm disappointed that I didn't make my August goal of 205. But, I'm learning. I did lots of healthy living this month. I'm in a much better place than if I hadn't worked on it at all.
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