Friday, August 21

8/21 weight loss thoughts: To burn or not to burn?

Cortez is famous for having burned his ships to inspire his men to conquer. We have a similar saying: 'burn your bridges'.

Are you willing to burn your bridges when it comes to weight loss? Am I?

This is not a recommendation. It's a question. I'm not sure what's best.

I'd been thinking about this idea. Should we give our 'fat clothes' away when we get out of them? Then the same topic came up in the SparkPeople forums the other day.

It's an extra commitment: If I re-gain this weight, I'll have to buy new clothes.

Is that motivating to you? Is it motivating to me?

It reminds me of another, popular new way to lose weight: betting. You either challenge one another in a pool and the 'biggest loser' takes the pot, or you make a bet with yourself (essentially), say $500 or $1000, and if you lose you have to give that money to charity.

Another motivation is rewards. Instead of giving the money away, you set a reward for yourself, say the same amount we were looking at for bets. What would you reward yourself with for $500. Christine and I have kicked around the idea of a Disney Cruise...

So, what do you think? Where do you stand on financial incentives to weight loss?


I was at 207 again this morning. I haven't been counting calories strictly, not applying 'Weigh Down' strictly, so I may have to get back to those to see more/faster weight loss results. But I'm still doing really well, comparatively. I'm definitely in range, living healthy, at least standing pat.
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