Tuesday, August 18

8/18 weight loss thoughts

What I've been thinking about the most in the past couple of days: I probably need to deprecate (geek word choice) weight as a measure of health. This is totally obvious, so I guess I should say it hit home with me. My health and well being and whole life (exaggeration alert) is not summed up in the three digit number of my weight, whether it's 210 or 170 or anywhere in between.

Weight is one of many indicators, and I certainly don't want to give up my goal of getting to 170 if I get to a place in the 190s that 'feels ok'. But I probably need to think more in terms of feeling good and feeling healthy and general fitness. BMI is another factor. Hmmm, what are the others?


Hit my new low (for this effort) yesterday: 206. Felt really awesome. Back up to 206.5 today. Did eat at Cici's last night and thought I did pretty well: Caesar salad, breadstick, 2 pieces of pizza and some blue cheese dressing for dipping.

A couple conclusions:

1. I had an upset stomach last night so got to have Alka-Selzer for a nightcap ;-)

2. No surprise: none of the food as Cici's tastes very good. Not being able to eat for volume at Cici's takes away almost all of the fun. I probably need to choose someplace else to eat in the future. It wasn't even like a treat. (We went because Christine was working and we had coupons for kids for free.)
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