Monday, August 24

8/24 weight loss thoughts

Down to 206 yesterday and this morning. 205, here I come!

You may recall that my conservative goal for the end of August was 205. Plus, I had that setback with taking days off that totally messed up my trends. So, I'm happy to be at 206 and looking forward to being at 205 by the end of the month :-)

Took the President's Challenge Adult Fitness aerobic test today and got basically the same result I got from the SparkPeople 3-minute step test: below average. Again, I'm a little surprised by this because I can keep moving without getting particularly winded, but I guess my heart is working pretty hard, not least because of the extra 25 pounds (at least) that it's carrying.

So, the question becomes, do I get after this right away and start increasing the intensity of my aerobic activity, maybe even get a heart monitor; or wait until I lose a few more pounds and it cools off a little bit more?

I think I'm ready to start alternating walking and jogging. In the spring, before it got hot, I was doing pretty well with alternating every three minutes or so, so maybe I'll try that again.

All in all, though I'm a little disappointed, I'm not going to get too worried about this below average score. First of all, it would require too much work ;-)

Second, we'll get it fixed in time. Remember my new mantra? Live healthy now (the results will come in time).

Did you see my status from today? 'When I lose this weight I'm going to be hotter, but that's just a chance I'll have to take' ;-)

Another way of thinking about weight loss (a diagnostic question we can ask): Do I want to get to [w-1] quicker (where 'w'=weight. we're looking for a specific number here), or do I want this donut?

Now, I got the best of both worlds: Saturday I had ONE warm Krispy Kreme donut and Sunday I was at 207-1 = 206. I told Christine I'm going to publish the 'Krispy Kreme Diet' ;-)

What do you think? Good approach?

One more thought for today: I've hardly written about what my specific food choices look like. Got an oldie but a goodie I'm just back onto that I want to pass on to you.

Tuna Taco: tuna, salsa, cheese, soft shell tortilla. Yummy! One great thing about it for the summertime is you can just eat everything at room- or refrigerator-temperature. Nothing to heat up. Nice and cool. Sound good?

Question: any interest in hearing about what I usually eat?
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