Wednesday, August 5

8/5 weight loss thoughts

Since I haven't been that crazy about my life some days, I have looked forward to the passage of time. 'Good, we're already to August!' But then I wonder 'What am I looking forward to?'

Now I have something! As the months pass, I'm going to be losing weight! Awesome!

And, then, I want to move on to other, more significant things to look forward to. And move back to enjoying the things I need to enjoy now.

Want to get to the point where the body future I'm looking forward to is more compelling than pigging out now.


Enjoyed my day off yesterday with lots of treats. The scale was up this morning, but no worries. Back on the wagon.

Stayed up too late again last night, not least because Wil had a nap and didn't fall asleep until midnight or so. Could not face staying awake, so got up at 6, got essential work done, and went back to bed for a couple hours. That means I've got double workout tonight, but nothing too onerous: at least 30 minutes of yoga and 2 mile walk.

Still, I need to get to bed earlier and stick with the schedule I have made for myself, because I'm pretty sure it's going to be best.
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