Tuesday, April 5

Various and sundry

+ Well, I picked UNC to win it all and they did. What can I say? I've got skills ;-) I'm especially glad for Coach Williams. Sean May was a beast.

+ Fun with Google Maps Satellite. Here's the farm where we grew up. No cars in the driveway that day. If you scroll to the north a little, to Interstate 80, you can see cars and trucks. Crazy.

More crazy: the Link to this page 'link' in the upper right hand corner updates dynamically anytime you move the page.

I could pull up old friends' houses, but then I really would feel like a stalker...

+ Jaq's got a transcript from a customer service call in the Star Wars universe that you should check out.

+ Read my first Phillip Marlowe book last night, The Big Sleep, and really enjoyed it. Love that hard-boiled PI talk.

+ Robert Rodriguez and his movie-making methods sound really cool. Plus, he's telling the Director's Guild of America to stick it in their eye. Gotta like that.

+ I, for one, liked the David Lynch Dune and would be interested in checking out the extended edition (via DJMonsterMo)

+ Matt was bragging about Yahoo! a little while ago.
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