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+ It seems to me like the best 'resolution' to the China/Taiwan issue would be to leave it unresolves, just leave things like they are. They could certainly help each other and I don't think China's wanting to pull a lot of strings there. They just don't want Taiwan to declare itself an independent state, right?

If all of that is right, then a good relationship between Taiwan's Nationalist party and China seems like a good development.

The second half of this article talks about free trade between China and Taiwan, and I certainly think that would be a good thing.
Lien said in his Peking University address that neither Taipei nor Beijing should upset the status quo which has kept the peace between them for decades. The KMT espouses eventual reunification with a democratic China.
Tom is very firm in saying we want to change our security agreement with Taiwan so that they don't do something rash and to improve relations with China, eventually culminating in a Pacific NATO.

+ President Bush's new (from him) idea about limiting social security payouts to wealthier citizens sure makes sense to me. Progressive indexation is OK with me, too. I'm not that hard to please on Social Security (as I've posted before). But personal accounts alone wasn't getting it.

What do you think? Is there something I'm missing here?
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