Saturday, April 16

A couple days worth

+ Saw on Google SightSeeing that the Google Satellite Map of Pro Player stadium is from the January 2nd, 2003 Orange Bowl, immortalizing (for now), Iowa's pitiful showing against USC on my birthday. Look, you can see 'Iowa' on the NW end zone. Ugh.

+ The Friendly Confines...Wrigley Field.

+ The world's longest bridge: Lake Pontchartrain (via perljam).

+ In case you're not familiar with George Shinn, this is the kind of stuff he pulls with regularity: Hornets Documents Show Attendance Figures Were Manipulated

+ Speaking of stuff, Terrell Owens just signed a contract a year ago, with the Eagles rescuing him from SF and Baltimore, and now he wants a new one. Yuck.
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