Friday, April 8


Sheesh. Blogger finally let me post. I'd been trying since last night.

+ My buddy Kurt sent me a link to this Thom Yorke interview a long time ago. Here are my random thoughts:
  • nice props to REM and Stipe.
  • his take on the 'disposability' of music these days is very interesting.
  • I like his perspective of the intangibility (my word) of the art of music, the intuitiveness of it.
  • The subjectiveness of music is on full display: he'll have an amazing experience in the studio that doesn't get captured on tape. But it feels the same as some of the cool things that do resolve into something special.
  • Thom doesn't seem very enlightened on the role if religion and values and how they are, even his, somewhat exclusive...
+ Couldn't/didn't sleep much last night, so spent a lot of time putting iTunes in my shopping cart. I figured there had to be some way to do a wishlist, and Googled it, and found out I needed to change my preferences. Now I have 158 songs in my shopping cart. I'm trying to cull those down to 1 CD's worth for my first purchase, using some birthday money. Stay tuned!

+ Finished reading Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. I liked it, too, though I'm going to take a break from reading his stuff. He had it in for Iowa in this book, with all of his references to yokels from an 'Iowa picnic' and the hateful snoop being from Mason City. I like his usage of the word bo, which I get sometimes around here. I need to incorporate it along with other Southern slang.

+ Google's top three execs cut their pay to 1$, since they're all billionaires, stock-wise, now. Even still, another good move, more good karma.
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