Thursday, April 28

Thursday again already

+ DeLay is toast.

+ A little good news: Air pollution has actually gotten better.

+ Iowa City news reflections. I just subscribed to the Press-Citizen RSS feed.
  • The school board president was my 9th grade English teacher, and another member is the father of one of my good friends.
  • I played Kurt in the 1983 (or so) IC Community Theater production of The Sound of Music.
  • I went to morning kindergarten at Hills Elementary School.
+ Tom's New Map Game is going to have embedded journalists and cultural ambassadors. Wish I could go...

+ Gmail wishlist: Please let me use some of my beaucoup 2+ gigs to host files. Then I could just throw up a picture as an attachment (or through some custom interface), and link it to a permalink. I'm tired of waiting for Odeo and [that other site] screwed up on the second try.
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