Wednesday, April 6

Lots of stuff

+ kottke's right: we shouldn't have to look at file systems or file data if we don't want to. Just give us Picasa/iTunes type views, let me change info in there.

+ Have you seen Postsecret, people sending in secrets on postcards? There's some crazy stuff over there (via kottke).

+ We had weblogging your novel (like Jaq's The Promised King). But this is the first occurrence I've seen of podcasting your novel. Do it to it.

+ We've got the third worst state unemployment rate in the nation (source, but don't click through because the ads are atrocious).

+ The future of marketing: Remember the personalized messages in Minority Report? New Order has some ir/Bluetooth posters that can send promotional media to your cell phone. (via DJMM)

+ Google is going to experiment with storing video and 'video blogging'. (via Brad)

+ Matt imagines expanded uses for the iPod Shuffle. They all sound good to me.

+ Did you see Paul Graham's brief notes on writing?

+ Search Wars (nothing but Search Wars...), How Yahoo got its mojo back (warning: annoying writing style).

+ Search Wars 2, two from Google:
  1. Google Definitions is doing foreign languages now. I predict handiness!
  2. Prefetch. Google's pushing Firefox.
+ This has been sitting in my Bloglines for a long time: Drastic changes in African life expectancy because of AIDS. (via kottke)

+ Did you see The Daily Show's take on Wal-Mart back in january? There's nothing special in the video, so listen to the audio if you don't want to schlep the 6MBs.

+ Citizens Against Government Waste published their annual Pork Report today [press release]. This is about the only kind of pork I find disgusting.

+ If you're not hip to Surowiecki yet, these notes might help you crib.

That's it. I'm outta here.
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