Thursday, April 21

Thursday, Thursday

+ Tom writes on the China v. Japan row I've been logging. Short version: this fight isn't doing them any good. Interesting take: Japan should be more 'mature' in international relations than China.

+ I finally found something I disagree with Tom on: Not only is he dismayed by the new choice of Pope, he disparages JP2, too. Part of the difference here is that (I infer) Tom is more theologically liberal than I am. I think he wants more progression.

Since I'm a Barnettan, I wanted a New Core or Gap Pope, too. But this will probably be a transition papacy. How long can B16 really be expected to live? He'll probably stay the course, not be as popular as JP2, provide a little buffer. The Church can get a better fix on what they want in the next Pope. And we can cross our fingers for someone from the global south.

+ Lookee here: Baby brother's got a weblog.

+ I have been contributing links to Tim's Google Sat repository.
Tim links Folsom Prison, which has to make you think of the Johnny Cash song...
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