Wednesday, April 13

Unabashed political rant

Help me balance my view here if I'm missing something.

It seems to me like the Republicans are totally out of control right now. Brad said he's been 'more impressed with the tenor and tone of the president during his second term', referring specifically to President Bush conferring with Bill Clinton.

I don't see it. The President sends back judicial nominees that were already rejected. The Dems are going to filibuster it, and the Repubs are thinking about changing the filibuster rules. Have they taken leave of their senses?

The President nominates John Bolton to serve in the UN.
There is no United Nations. There is an international community that occasionally can be led by the only real power left in the world, and that is the United States, when it suits our interest, and when we can get others to go along.
I'm sorry, but in this profession if you're on the record as having said that, you shouldn't even get nominated to be Ambassador to the UN, not to mind get a hearing, not to mind get appointed.

Remember when the president said he was a uniter and not a divider? These are not the actions of a uniter.

Then you've got the whole DeLay ethics thing. The Repubs change the rules to keep him in. Then they accuse the Dems of playing politics with this situation. I liked the line I heard today about the Repubs and their Contract with America back in the day and now they're the ones abusing their majority power.

Did you see he's paid his wife and daughter more than $500,000 since 2001 to work on his staff?

DeLay is crazy point the second: During the Schiavo case he said the federal judiciary had run amok and that 'The time will come for the men responsible for [the removal of a feeding tube from Schiavo] to answer for their behavior.' (he, admittedly, apologized today for speaking in an 'unartful way').

Point 3: DeLay's list of 'Other Great Documents of Freedom' [in addition to the Constitution: The Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and...

wait for it...

The Contract with America. [DeLay's website]

To quote Dave Barry: 'I am not making this up.'

Anyone who concludes that politics is totally 'psychotic' (ie, has lost touch with reality) is totally justified.

But I'm open to being wrong here, or to have some of my more conservative friends offer a different perspective.
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