Sunday, April 17

Sunday shards

+ Did you hear that workers serving at the election of the Pope (maids, drivers, caterers, etc.) were sworn to secrecy on pain of excommunication? Whoa.

+ I listened tonight to Malcolm Gladwell's SXSW presentation on his new book. It was pretty good. A big thesis: sometimes our poorly-made snap-judgments can be improved by reducing the amount of information we have. (via kottke, I think)

+ Brief introduction to Edward Tufte (one of the guys I quote who hates PowerPoint). (I think this was via kottke, too)

+ Matthew gives Sin City a favorable review, footnoting a recommendation that Bruce Willis play Frank Miller's Dark Knight. Hard to believe, but intriguing. I used to think I'd like Harrison Ford in that role, but now I don't know what I was thinking. Ol' Harrison hasn't aged very gracefully, not like Sean Connery (who cannot play Bruce Wayne).

+ I changed my atom feed to full because that's what I like. You're welcome ;-)
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