Friday, May 23

Such Great Heights

What a great video! The lyrics and sweet melody sort of point toward a love song. But that would be too un-ironic, wouldn't it? No, the song is obviously (unfortunately) ironic, and the video hammers that home: unenacted longing in a chipfab clean room! Oh, the humanity! That the mechanisms move to the beat is just a bonus.

Truly masterful video for a song I love (even if I wish we didn't have to be ironic all the time).


Anonymous said...

it doesn't hurt that the song is so dang solid. Ck out the Ben Folds Five version. Never mind it was in one of the best 'small' movies in recent history (Garden State).

Sean Meade said...

so dang solid. heard both the Ben Folds and Iron and Wine (Garden State) version. sill like TPS the best!

La Frog said...

I love the Iron and Wine version too. So sweet and slow. This is a great song all around. I love irony as much as the next person, but every once in a while, I wish we could all indulge in a little sappy romanticism. That's what chick flicks are for!

Sean Meade said...

geeky lyrical catch with Iron and Wine version that i can't get past:

'i tried my best to leave this all on your machine but the persistent beat, it sounded thin upon listening'

hello, there's no 'persistent beat' in the Iron and Wine version! ;-)

i'm with you: less irony and more sap would be better for all of us :-)