Monday, May 12

Poison Rush Mothers

+ Walter went to see Rush and got his picture taken with Geddy and Alex. Awesome!

+ Major yard work friday night, including the poison ivy corner. Took all reasonable precautions: tried to stay away from it (Christine and her folks dealt with it directly as they are not as allergic), long pants, long shirt, Cortaid post-poison ivy wipes, and immediate shower. First blister appeared yesterday about three inches above my right wrist. Here's to hoping it's the only one...

+ Christine said yesterday was her best Mother's Day of the nine (including pregnancy). Mission accomplished.

I tell the twins their only job on Mother's Day and Christine's birthday is to make Momma happy. They did pretty well.


Kathy said...

Shawn and I saw Rush in OKC on April 26, but did not score a picture. That is so frickin' cool!

The concert was great and I would have felt comfortable bringing Josh, no foul language in the lyrics or from stage, just music. Neil Peart played a 7-8 minute solo. That guy is a machine, no expression on his face whatsoever. He's all business. I hope they come around again, but as they are 54 and 55 and I was already concerned that Geddy would dislocate a hip, I'm not sure that's going to happen. Awesome concert, wish I had a picture though.

Sean Meade said...

listening to Limelight as i write this :-)

yeah, i think Walt has connections (he's in the merchandise-fulfillment business, in addition to being a *major* music fan(.

concert sounds awesome. any chance of Josh becoming a percussionist? :-)

have you tried Rock Band drums with the foot pedal? wicked hard!

Kathy said...

I haven't even gotten to try Rock Band!

I hope Josh becomes a percussionist and not just a drummer or hacker as they're also known.

On another note, have ya'll seen Narnia yet? Josh and I saw it today. I really enjoyed it. And I stand by my Bethy/Lucy similarity statement. Maybe when I get to talk to Elizabeth again in Sept it'll change, but on looks alone...very striking resemblance.

Sean Meade said...

i don't know, drummers/hackers still seem pretty cool to me.

bad news: hated Prince Caspian. too unlike the book. we still don't see the Bethy/Lucy similarity, but trust it's a flattering one, so thanks :-)