Sunday, May 4

Dark Lady Iglesia

+ Top billing is definitely the new Dark Knight trailer.

Makes me regret even more that Heath Ledger (basically) killed himself.

And I see it comes out when I am in London. Christine and I are in negotiations about whether or not I will wait to see it until I get home ;-)

+ Despair, whom Macon and Walter work for and with, got written up in the NYT.

+ And Paul has a really interesting post on La Iglesia de San Juan de los Reyes. Toledo is so beautiful! Ay de mi!

That's it. I'm all caught up! Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Basically? heh Connect dots back to the sheep herder movie. Yes, I'm serious as a heart attack. :~\

Jim said...

London? Business or pleasure?

Jim said...

Luke saw Ironman...and said it was "Bad Ass" he liked it, I guess!

Jim said...

Sorry I didn't combine these comments, I kept leaving and coming back to your Blog...last comment...Dark Knight looks good.

Sean Meade said...

GSR: you are crazy ;-)

Jim: business. there will be very little pleasure involved. a lot of time in a press tent at the airport. about the only pleasure will be the novlety ;-)

i agree with bad ass! ;-)

no problem. leave all the comments you want! ;-)

Paul Stokes said...

Thanks, Sean.

I enjoyed that trailer. (Why do they call them "trailers?' We called them "previews" growing up.)

Sean Meade said...

you're welcome, Paul. glad you liked it.

(i have no idea. we did, too.)