Thursday, May 22

Love will tear us apart again

Why am I so into old videos these days? It's probably Madhu's influence ;-)

Anyway, watched the titular video today:

My thoughts (from chatting with Madhu):
it's fun to watch the song
the instrumentation is so simple
i mean, look at Bernard: he's playing one note at a time on a synth
Ian hardly plays the guitar at all. a couple strums
but it all comes together to produce a classic song
I don't have much more to say beyond that; nothing earth-shattering. Enjoy! :-)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I've never looked this one up.

I have, however, enjoyed Round and Round

Anonymous said...

Of course Joy Division is more my cup of tea than Rush (and Geddy), just personal preference no insults intended. Most everyone I know that knows anything about music disagrees with me and that is okay! Thanks for the video post, it made me feel happy at the start of this day. Loved it.

Sean Meade said...

K: trust you know no insult intended by me, either. just something i think of when i think of Rush. glad you enjoyed the post!