Thursday, June 26

When you were young

About once a year, a song takes over my life. The current one is 'When you were young' by The Killers.

Ohmygosh. What a beautiful song. I was actually exposed to it playing Guitar Hero 3, if you believe it.

Loving this song while practicing it repeatedly on Guitar Hero (working on strumming technique on medium) is probably only driving it deeper into my subconscious. I may have to take a break if the 'Replay track' in my brain doesn't let up.

The song is beautiful, but the video makes me sad. Can't embed it anyway (Universal has that turned off), but here's the link. What do you think?

The saddest part of the song, to me, which definitely comes out in the video, is little girls who grow up dreaming of a prince (in this case he takes it all the way to Jesus) and get disappointed by jerky guys (putting it mildly).

Makes me think I'll have to listen to some other Killers songs. I watched/listened to most of their singles on YouTube and liked what I heard. I already sounded out Madhu, and he likes some of their singles, too; even loves some.
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