Friday, June 20

I rock!

What have I been up to (besides not updating 'interact')?

Playing Guitar Hero 3!

You know this if you've seen my status updates on Facebook.

So here's the deal:

We've figured for some time that we'd be getting a Wii. We love our GameCube (loved it more at first, when it wasn't 100 (computer) years old). But last summer Wil bought a DS with money he'd saved, so we weren't in a hurry to get a Wii last Xmas. We thought maybe this Xmas.

Then Wil wanted to get Lego Indiana Jones for his birthday coming up. And it's available for every platform (including DS) except GameCube. And how would it be on DS (so small)? And I've been wanting Guitar Hero. And both of those games are available for PS2 and Guitar Hero 4 (with drums, mic, etc) will be, too.

So we ran the numbers and figured we could get the PS2 stuff used for the cost of just the Wii console. And you know the problem there, right? Just one controller and just one game, opening the door to years of buying more expensive games and additional controllers at full price.

So we decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on Sunday as a fun Father's Day present for me and paving the way for Wil's birthday and probably Guitar Hero 4 this Xmas.

We got the following used: PS2 console (with protection plan), extra controller, memory card, used guitar (with protection plan), Guitar Hero 3 (I checked the playlists to see which one I wanted most), and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, all for just over $200. That's way south of the Wii console by itself.

We like games a lot. We're just not willing to pay full price for them.

So we've been having fun this week. I've completed my 3rd gig on medium, including the battle with Tom Morello and the encore.

Minor problem: with all of my computer usage and minor tendonitis up and down my arms (I don't think it is actually RSI or CTS), I can only play for an hour or so at a time.

Then again, that's probably ok ;-)
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