Saturday, June 21

LOL Sean

I never thought I'd make LOL cats. I don't even like cats. But I have friends and family who like cats.

My first inspiration was my friend whose nom de web is La Frog. I prefer to call her Mlle Frog ;-)

She has Parkinson's Disorder (which she writes about pretty frequently). And she recently walked to raise money for PD research. Her team shirt said 'Can I have fries with my shake?'. And she loves cats. So:

funny pictures

Mlle Frog liked it so much she posted it yesterday.

My non-psuedonymous friend Madhu has a cat that he politely calls 'special needs'. His name is Murphy and they recently bought him a leash. I think this is a little silly and made this LOL Cat for Madhu:

funny pictures

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