Saturday, June 14

Iowa floods

1. My friend, Paula wrote in with some corrections and updates of my previous post (see the corrections over there):
The Cedar River at Waverly is anticipated to crest for the second time tonite. So, cleanup efforts have been relatively minimal since no one knows what will flood by tomorrow. The flood has now been upgraded to a 500 yr. flood. The Cedar crested at 16.8 in '99 & 19.4 on Tues. They're anticipating a crest of about 15 today which is similar to '93, but nobody knows what impact the total ground & sandbag saturation will have. Our church (Redeemer Lutheran) is coordinating free meals & childcare for flood victims. Josef & Julie B are staying with us until they can move back home. Please pray for the people of Waverly. There was an informational mtg. yesterday & people seemed to have LOTS of frustration, tension & anger.
Thanks, Paula!

Everybody get that? Please pray for Waverly specifically. Also, in terms of my emphasis: Cedar Rapids (the worst hit) and Iowa City/Coralville.

2. Some stuff from AP:

Today's Cedar Rapids-focused story.

News video:

NB: 83/99 counties disaster areas. (Credit)

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