Friday, June 13

Pray for Iowa [corrected]

Things just keep getting worse in Iowa:

A tornado knocked out half of New Hartford and Parkersburg.

Another tornado hit a Boy Scout camp.

Rising flood waters threaten much of the eastern half of the state.

Extreme irony: the half of New Hampton the tornado left has been wiped out by the flood.

Reportedly, things are worst in Cedar Rapids where the Cedar River flows right through a relatively flat downtown.

AP video:

It's no picnic in Iowa City, where the Iowa River flows through downtown.

The small comfort in Waverly (scroll down), where Christine and I went to Wartburg College, is that they think the Cedar River has crested up there.

Corrections: My friend Paula wrote in to say it was New Hartford, not New Hampton, and Waverly is looking at a second crest tonight. Thanks, Paula.
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