Friday, June 6

Iowa Ninja Shake

+ 'Oh, there's nothing half-way about the Iowa way to treat you...'*

Brother Kyle sent me a link to Peter King's column this week which leads with the Parkersburg (Iowa) tornado story. The part that stuck out to me was about how people from around the state came to help.

My dad drove up for the weekend. He and mom actually lived there for a couple of years (she was pastoring) and both of the houses they lived in were destroyed by the F5.

Dad said the (predominately German) people got right to work cleaning up and seasoned tornado cleaner-uppers said they'd never seen a place come so far so fast in clean up.

This prompted me to joke that the Germans would be running the world if they'd had a couple breaks.

(I like to joke about Germans a lot because Christine's 100% and I'm about 1/8th (maternal grandmother's maiden name: Gertenbach), making the twins approximately 9/16ths.)

+ Brother Cory sent me a link to this hilarious Onion video: Ninja Parade Slips By Town Unnoticed Once Again

+ My quasi-psuedonymous friend (I mean, she does post pix of herself), Mlle La Frog, got to read her one-woman play about having Parkinson's Disease Saturday at a theater in NYC. Way to go, MLF!

* This heading is especially for the Stokeses, who love The Music Man :-)
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