Thursday, June 26

Must not open any more...

Firefox windows or tabs. 6 windows right now (just closed the 7th and 8th), for a total of 9+3+6+3+12+3=36 tabs. Terrible habit.

+ Hooray! Australia is now fatter than the US! (via Guam Brad)

+ NYT's Inside a 9/11 Mastermind’s Interrogation. One interesting item among many: waterboarding is treated as fairly frequent in this article.

+ Scholars set date for Odysseus' bloody homecoming. Hard to believe this is right, but I guess there weren't too many things to do after the sun went down back in the old days.

But seriously, here's a page that says historical, Bronze Age Troy could have existed between 1275 and 1180 BC. Bingo.

For those keeping score at home, here's my erstwhile master world timeline to fit it in.

+ Just in time for my recent embrace of LOL Cats, but even better, Dan has a post on LOL Cthulhu. Genius.

The very hip author of the Wired post has to disparage LOL Cats in extreme terms (as in extermination), but humorless superiority complex aside, the pointers are to sheer genius:

LOLTHULHU (the website!)

One of my favs

(And, Stokeses, there's a whole category for Demotivators! :-)

+ Dare I pick Minnesota to win it all?

Kiss of death. Vikings will never win now.

I respect Dr. Z, but what in the world?

+ Iowa alum Brad Meester is a Jaguar and the Jags are donating 90k$ to Iowa flood relief. Not bad.

+ This shirt is even too geeky for me. And I seriously doubt it'd attract geek chicks. What do you say, geek chicks?

+ Ok, down to 4 windows and 9+3+6+12=30 tabs. Oh well.
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