Tuesday, August 8

Your wisdom for today, grasshopper ;-)

What I said over on Tom's weblog:

i used to be more wary of Big Business and Colonialism myself. there are still many abuses, of course. i'm not crazy about capitalism, in an ideal world, but ours it not close, and it beats the alternatives. people making their own economic decisions/markets are better than the alternative.

and, as much as i hate to admit it as someone who has leaned Democrat, it really does seem the only way to beat those beggars in Washington/your state capital/your municipality is to cut their budgets. they'll spend more than every penny they can get their grubby paws on in pandering to we the populace.

one big problem with the current Bush Administration is 'cut taxes and spend'. at least with 'tax and spend' you had the coin!

Paul, you must be so happy... ;-)

I will add the caveat here that, as you know, I'm no economist.  Maybe these supply-side/voodoo economics really can work. But I don't think so...

Funny that GHWB supplied two great critiques of GWB's economic policy: 'tax and spend' (which I adapt to 'cut taxes and spend') and 'voodoo economics'. Makes you long for the old boy ;-)
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