Tuesday, August 1

Are you hot or not (parental version)? [updated]

Researchers: "attractive parents are 26% more likely to have a daughter than a son as their first child" (via kottke).

OK, let's see (from my blogroll):
Sean and Christine? check
Jason and Candy? no
Aaron and Krista? check
Jaq and She Who Keeps Him Sane? check
Brad and Cheryl? no
John Hardy and wife? check
Paul and Carol? no
Macon and Kellsey? no
Mark S and Lisa? no
Shawn and Kathy? no

From my family:
Mom's folks? check
Dad's folks? no
Mom and Dad? no
Erin and Jeff? no
Ryan and Mary? no

Now you know where you stand... ;-)

Update: left out Jason and Candy and Shawn and Kathy. Mea culpa!
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