Friday, August 4

Clever titles are so last month

+ Normally, I wouldn't link this report about one of the Vikes' defensive linemen being overweight , but Fred Smoot had two unintentionally ironic comments that were too funny not to post:
  • "Pat's doing real good. They're just trying to take special precautions, make sure everything's good. Nothing's actually big about the situation."
  • "Pat's hungry to get out here. He wants to get him a piece."
+ Interesting quote on filmmaking that caught my eye...

"I think shooting in digital changes acting as much as film changed stage acting, or as sound changed film,"...

Why? Because film costs a lot and must be used sparingly, while digital tape is practically free.

+ Apple to Integrate iPod With Car Radios

Good thing I'm not in the new car market, or I might have to get an iPod, too. I REALLY want an audio-in jack instead of going through the tape adapter. Maybe we just need a new radio in the van with an audio-in jack. It's not worth messing with the little, old Sentra I drive.
+ Wha?! The world's most talented basketball players can play D?

That's more like it.
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