Tuesday, August 1

Fruits and vegetables

Sent this link to my family weight loss group with the following excerpt:

(By the way, the calorie counting is still going extremely well. Almost down to 200! :-)

Two simple ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet

interesting take on how to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

i need even easier than that. since i'm not prepared to prepare anything past 'pour milk in bowl' or 'set microwave for 2 minutes', the best fruits and vegetables for me are those that are ready to eat. even better if they're pre-portioned.

i drink a glass of orange juice every day.
i eat a serving of baby carrots every day.
i eat an apple every day.
i eat a half a can of pineapple every day.

raisins would also be a possibility. peaches and grapes are (in season).

i've also been doing well with restaurant salads: Applebees and McDonalds so far. i just won't make myself yummy salads like that and the lettuce will wilt/slime waiting for me to do so.

none of you are as lazy as me (thank your lucky stars!), so this may not be as big a problem for you.
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