Saturday, August 26


First of all, I would like to point out that I am using the spelling Tolkien gave us.

KRLX Music Blog has a great post on Pluto's demotion, complete with tracks. The writer seems to be distraught, but I say it's a good move.

(Do you ever think it's strange? The stuff I fixate on? It was Tolkien (!) for months. Recently Ken Jennings. Now Pluto. Of course you do ;-)

The only track I knew was a great pick: Ben Folds Five - One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces.

If I had it, I'd put Heigh Ho on here, a more up-beat dwarf song. ;-)

The thing that really clinched this post ('Didn't I have another Pluto link saved around here somewhere?' ;-) was Ken Jennings (!) post about it today.

By the way, both posts feature pix of the Disney dog of the same name. If only *he* could get demoted ;-)

First of all, great title: Eight is enough.

Ken's like me (in this, and so many other ways ;-): he doesn't miss Pluto:

So don't hyperventilate over Pluto. Busybody bureaucrats and scientists give, and busybody bureacrats and scientists take away. Tomorrow "indigo" will be gone from ROYGBIV, or there'll be a new Lucky Charms marshmallow, or maybe a new eighth deadly sin. All part of life's rich pageant.

(When I was young and full of grace, I spirited a rattlesnake...)

Anyhow, to close this post out, I do need to fit some Tolkien dwarves in here. But how? Favorite dwarf (excepting Gimli)?

I could go with the regular quizzes: Warm-up: name Snow White's seven. Graduate: name Bilbo's thirteen.

Can't think of anything brilliant, so I'll just close it out by saying I'd really love a definitive, lengthy description, with maps and pictures, of Moria. But, that could only come from the Professor, and he didn't leave it.

Back to celestial bodies.

Nah nah nah nah, good-bye!
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