Tuesday, August 1

OK, this is really the one...

I'm REALLY in love this time and it's not going away. This is the one. It's not fleeting like Hype Machine or Nothing Better (though I still regard them highly).

After literally years of watching and waiting, I got to get a new laptop sunday night.

Though I am biased in favor of Best Buy, Circuit City has long beat them on deals as I compare my wishlists to their sunday circulars. And they had a deal I just didn't want to pass up. And Christine said I didn't have to: Compaq, 80 GB HD, 512 MB RAM, 15.4" screen, CD/DVD-RW, 802.11g built in. Then, just to make the whole thing insane, they threw in a Canon all-in-one printer, some security software, and A FREE WIRELESS ROUTER with the purchase of any laptop. (I do have to send in the rebates, but I can do that.)

I loved that laptop when I took it out of the box sunday night. One think we want it for is watching DVDs in the car. And we're taking a little trip to Christine's folks' in Hendersonville this weekend, so we'll get to try it out.

But when I set up the wireless network last night, and it worked basically out of the box (after I found an extra ethernet cable in the garage), and I was surfing from the recliner in the living room, and then back in our bedroom, and finally in the kitchen this morning - hubba, hubba. 'This love has taken its toll!' ;-)

Think of how this laptop will improve the quality of our lives: I was able to check on Tom's website this morning in the kitchen while I ate breakfast and Christine packed my lunch instead of running off to the office. When I came across something to share with her, she was right there and I could share it. We talked about calendar stuff and a couple of email exchanges I'd had.

Wish me joy. ;-)

I've got a lot more to do to set it up just right, to move over all of my music and the photos I want, but that's all good and it's all fun. I love tinkering with that kind of stuff...

Maybe that's why Christine let me get a laptop... so I'd stop tinkering with the computer she has to use ;-)
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