Wednesday, August 16

'My' theme

+ I see that you can actually surf yourself off of 'my' public Bloglines subscriptions . Not that you'd want to, and I think it's better to just have y'all linked in the sidebar, but it's kind of cool...

+ Speaking of 'my', Cousin Jackson (Doran) is playing the lead in the Kinnick play this fall. Article and pic .

And, after going over to 'My'Space to comment Jackson this link, I see he has sent out another one which contains a video clip.

+ Remember when I wrote about coComment, hoping it might be the app I've been wanting to track threads I've commented on. It wasn't, since you had to go back in behind it and enter the info. Too much work.

But now they've got a Firefox extension that integrates coComment more tightly into 'my' browsing. Now I need to try it out by commenting on your weblog ;-)

Lots of tweaks like better integration with your site, listing comments you've made elsewhere, etc.
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