Monday, August 7

Bringin' you the music, baby!

(And that includes you, too, Kathy! ;-)

+ Not usually into NPR music or French music, but I liked some of what I heard from Camille on friday morning . Her website.

+ Berkeley Place had a 100 superhero countdown with music running for a week. I picked it up with the top 10.

Interesting bit about the real life inspiration for the Joker. That guy DOES look scary.

I read there, too, that the next Batman movie will be called 'Dark Knight'. I knew Heath Ledger was playing Joker.

+ And, finally, Obscure Sound has a nice post covering The Smiths' four-album career.

This guy's really into the first album, where I like the last two albums much better. Does it make a difference where you come in?
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