Sunday, August 27

Sharon's wiki-controversy

Sharon has an extremely interesting post today about Wikipedia.

[Hey! I just realized I have a woman on my blogroll now! I'm so happy!

Though, in fairness, Kathy L, regular reader, commenter, and contributor definitely deserves an honorary status :-)

Does Christine? She reads almost all of it (gets it copied in her inbox ;-)]

Introductory point: You remember that I love Wikipedia, right?

Seems there is some new controversy about Sharon's entry (which she did not create). It's been marked for deletion and there are some interesting comments on the Talk page
I'm very interested in the fact that Sharon, like me, is hopeful about Wikipedia.

But the whole open-editing thing often results in ugly edit wars.

I know in some ways I'm late to this story. I've seen it around the intarwebs but just hadn't dived into it.

Peer review may be elitist, but maybe it's the best model we've got...
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