Saturday, September 26

Live Healthy: Feeling blah

Have you noticed I haven't written in a few days? I've been feeling pretty blah in general, including specifically about my healthy living and weight loss. Not least of all, I haven't lost any weight since Saturday; totally stuck at 203.

Complaint: Why is my weight loss so slow? When I try to cut more calories, I feel like my body just goes into starvation mode and I stop losing weight. Why can Chris and Aaron lose so much faster than me? It seems unfair (wah! ;-)

Confession: I haven't been doing my motivation work, which it says in my contract is the most important part. Sometimes it seems boring before starting it, but it's not bad once I get started (usually).

This is no criticism of my wonderful friends, but I think I'm feeling a little less motivated from the comparative lack of interaction I'm getting on these posts. The first month was great, but we all seem to be getting weary of this means of interacting, at least, if not trying to lose weight in general.

You know, not surprisingly, even just writing this stuff out helps me feel better. I am living healthy now. The weight really will come off eventually. I am feeling fit on the inside, including my muscles. The outside just needs to catch up :-)


deichmans said...

Maybe you've reached your "ideal weight"? I'm no expert on "glycemic index" or "metabolic rates", but it's pretty clear you're doing an awesome job with the two cornerstones of healthy living: exercising and eating right.

But a two-legged stool will tip over. Don't forget that third leg: optimism. And don't be a slave to a number. Rather, measure your health by what you can do (like cycling up that big hill without breaking cadence!).

Sean Meade said...

could be, Shane. i don't know. but i'm still pretty far north of what BMI says. i'm doing pretty well with the eating, but there's still some slack in there...

optimism. motivation. absolutely. one good metric: i have been increasing my running time :-)