Sunday, July 27

The Last Lecture

Somehow I missed Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. But when I saw in the news that he had died recently, I thought 'here's a guy who might really have something worthwhile to say'.

I'm a little surprised I watched the whole thing this evening (in two sittings). It's pretty good, especially for parents. His career has specific application for Wil's likely future interests - gaming, virtual reality, storytelling. He even did a sabbatical as a Disney Imagineer (and EA, too).

The title of the talk is 'How to really achieve your childhood dreams'. I might do some thinking about that. (There are critiques to be made, too, but they'll keep.)

It's 76 minutes long, so chances are you won't watch it now, but here it is.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, once you live(achieve) a dream, well, kinda takes the whole dreamy aspect to the reality level where it can become a BOHICA, ya know, like that. I suppose my childhood "dream" was to survive childhood. ;~)

Sean Meade said...

i thought your childhood dream was to reproduce ;-)