Sunday, July 20

Aviation Week F-22 Farnborough Video

Cross posted from Ares.

One of the best parts of my visit here to Farnborough has been the F-22 demonstration flight on Monday, the first time the F-22 has flown in such a venue in Europe.

There was commentary over the speakers in the grand stand, but I was watching from the Aviation Week/Show News chalet, so it was pretty hard to hear it.

We've got the commentary hooked up, though, in our best AvWeek video yet. Sure, we've got the maneuvers, but you can see those on YouTube. More importantly, we've got commentary by Alan Norman, Chief Experimental Test Pilot for Lockheed Martin.

Postscript: Of course the F-22 is designed to never get in a dog fight and to kill from far away. But the maneuvers and commentary are still really cool ;-)


Jay@Soob said...

80 knot slow pass. What an incredible jet.

Anonymous said...

Awww man. I hope you guys brought a photographer...

It looks like I'll be down shooting some images of the Red Flag Exercises in a couple of weeks, but have always wanted to shoot Farnborough.

sameasthem said...

Wow, or as Luke would say "bad ass".
Amazing stuff.

Sean Meade said...

s: yep

BWJ: we did: Mark Wagner and Mike Vines.

i hope you make it next time!

Jim: 'bad ass' is right!